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Saturday, 12th October at 10am

TOPIC - Create your own cover - “Blackwater” - Dobbie Brothers

Saturday, 26th October at 10am



Each session covers a different topic, which makes these workshops suitable for you, at any skill level to join is. With,

No commitment, no practise, no obligations, no experience needed, you’ll have lots of fun, getting creative and nurturing your soul, while working with like-minded people. 

Learn about - 

How to write a great cover songs

How to be a great recording artist

Song writing

Melody writing

Keys and how to work out the keys your songs are in

Band leading

Rhythms and grooves

And more!




Contemporary harmony singing group

Danny Stone runs an energising harmony workshop every Tuesday evening for singers wanting to “improve” their harmony singing skills, sing with others and be part of an amazing harmonising sound.

Learn about:

Tonal blending and blend volumes

Harmony structures

How to sing your part without distraction

How to sing beyond the tradition "bass, tenor, alto, soprano" positions

How to be an impressive lead singer

Experience the singing lead vocals with complimentary harmonies

Over the years, after singing in RAH, singers have been able to confidently use their skills in ACapella groups, duos, as professional lead and back-up singer.

Singing with Danny and a group of talented singers, is a perfect way to break up the week, to have loads fun, laughs, make friends and become the best harmony singer you can!